STA257H - Fall 2008

Instructor: Hadas Moshonov.
Office: Sidney Smith Hall room 6008, 100 St. George Street.
Tel: 416-946-7587.
Office hours: Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 or by appointment.

Course outline in pdf


Announcements - important!

Lecture Notes

Please print the lecture notes on a bi-weekly basis and bring them to the lectures. You can use the ppt file to print how many slides you wish per page.

The lecture notes contains unsolved examples and proofs. The only way to obtain the proofs and solution to those examples is to attend the lectures or to drop by during office hours.

Week1.pdf         Week1.ppt

Week2.pdf         Week2.ppt

Week3.pdf         Week3.ppt

Week4.pdf         Week4.ppt

Week5.pdf         Week5.ppt

Week6.pdf         Week6.ppt

Week7.pdf         Week7.ppt

Week8.pdf         Week8.ppt

Week9.pdf         Week9.ppt

Week10.pdf       Week10.ppt

Week11.pdf       Week11.ppt

Week12.pdf       Week12.ppt

Statistics hand-out for material that may be covered in last week of classes

Practice Problems:

    All problems are from the textbook. You may find final solution to some of the odd exercises at the back of the book. A detailed solution of selected problems will be discussed during tutorial. You do not need to submit the solution, just bring it with you to the tutorial.

Past term tests

The following tests were given in previous years by other instructors. However, the format and type of questions on your test is similar. A list of relevant questions for your test as well as solutions will be posted later on.


Past Final Exams

The following final exams were given in previous years by another instructor. However, the format and type of questions on your final exam is similar. A list of relevant questions for your test as well as solutions will be posted later on.


Tutorials are Wednesdays 6:10-7pm beginning on Wednesday September 17. Tutorials are your opportunity to get additional help with the practice problems. Weekly quizzes will be held during tutorials. The term tests will be held during the tutorial time (but in different rooms). Tests will be returned in tutorial. You should attend the tutorial section as follows depending on the first letters of your surname.

Tutorial                 Location                Surname beginning with             T.A

    A                        SS2106                         A - Ka                                  Avery

    B                        SS2108                         Ki - Se                                  Panpan

    C                        SS1087                         Sh - Z                                    Alex                                                                     

In addition Each T.A has one weekly office hour in the Statistics Aid Center (SS2133), you can drop by and ask questions. The hours are:

Tuesday         6-7 PM                Alex

Thursday       12:30-1:30 PM     Avery

Thursday        4-5 PM                Panpan









 Sep 3, 2008